Sunday, 31 July 2011

Vector Wandering: Dog days

I am guilty of meandering procrastination. What started out as plans for a 'how to' tutorial on a couture greeting card ended up illustrating silhouette portraiture of less than aesthetically pleasing dogs.

I was inspired by Meg Allan Cole's tutorial about creating a silhouette dog portrait. She has two fine dogs that cut a regal silhouette. Conversely, we always know when the year's World's Ugliest Dog will be crowned because people ask if he was a contestant. Seriously, we're asked almost every year! So here he is proudly leading the pack in Less Than Aesthetic. 
(More portaits after the jump ...)

No Photoshop, his tongue is really that long

Friday, 29 July 2011

Make an enchanted greeting card with paper scraps

Give your off-cuts a new life featuring in a Princess and the Pea greeting card. Read on for a free tutorial and free template download.

A combination of a weekend children's party (with a store-bought card!) and The Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child and Polly Borland inspired this project.

Time: approx. 45 minutes

DIY pretty envelope tutorial

Make an envelope to compliment any beautiful card or letter you. This quick, free tutorial shows you how to make your own envelope with and inside print.

Approximate time: 15 minutes

Monday, 25 July 2011

It's always Summer somewhere …

I love Summer! I love it when it's here and long for it when it isn't. A lot of people feel this way. I remember wearing a smocked top that tied at the shoulders. The top half would be smocked and multicolored thread sewn across it. Like a wiggly rainbow against white cotton. Add a few chocolate drips from my melting choc-dipped ice cream and my Summer would be complete.

Summertime captures those days with crisp whites, bright blues and citrus shades. Summertime Digital Paper Pack (20 digital sheets for $3.50) brings in the first ray of sunshine. Brighten up your craft projects or gifts with multi-color polka dots and white birds against a skies bright blue or sunset pink. The illustrative digital papers feature retro sunglasses and bouncing beach balls. Oh, and that wiggly rainbow is in here, too!

Following up the digital paper pack are the 1 inch circle and tile sheets that magnify elements of Summer: stripy flip flops, watermelon, and that choc-dipped ice cream. Print them out on sticker/magnet sheets or create fun pendants to take Summer with you whatever the season.

A couple of very tempting digital invitations complete this theme: choose between a fun daytime invitation suitable for sunglasses and sandcastles or an evening beach party depicting a balmy sunset silhouetted by palm trees. Download and print just the right amount for your soon-to-be-bronzed guests.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Grand Opening of our Etsy Store

Today is the day Neon Fizz starts selling our exciting new digital papers and icons in our Etsy store. This means the sets on previous posts will be available to purchase in the next 24 hours (if they are not already up by the time you read this).

To start it off we create a strong foundation with the basics: polka dots and stripes all the colors of the rainbow. And for the fashion-forward crowd, we've also create the sets in hot hues forecast for 2012. Grab these digital paper packs of 24 for $3 each.


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Chocolate Lovers

Following up the completion of the Mad Men inspired digital series, all those dark earthy tones lead me into a different direction. My train of thought went as follows: red lipstick kiss, black & white, navy, charcoal, chocolate … CHOCOLATE!

So chocolate + lipstick kisses = The Chocolate Lovers Series
This series doesn't discriminate and is for dark, milk and white chocolate lovers alike ... even the lactose intolerant can enjoy. I personally prefer dark chocolate but my nearest and dearest love the milk and white chocolate. This theme features chocolate chips, cupcakes, swirls, doughnuts, and ice cream shakes accented with caramel, vanilla, strawberry and mint hues. I would say my favourite item in series is the chocolate block digital paper print. Who wouldn't want a full page chocolate block in their preferred flavour?

If you love chocolate, have a look at the Chocolate Lovers series. Digital paper and icon set on sale now at the Neon Fizz store. 1" tiles, 1" circles, a digital paper and icon set, and invitation/photo frame inserts still to come.

CAUTION: this set may lead to weight gain. After purchase you'll definitely have chocolate on the brain. Enjoy!