Sunday, 31 July 2011

Vector Wandering: Dog days

I am guilty of meandering procrastination. What started out as plans for a 'how to' tutorial on a couture greeting card ended up illustrating silhouette portraiture of less than aesthetically pleasing dogs.

I was inspired by Meg Allan Cole's tutorial about creating a silhouette dog portrait. She has two fine dogs that cut a regal silhouette. Conversely, we always know when the year's World's Ugliest Dog will be crowned because people ask if he was a contestant. Seriously, we're asked almost every year! So here he is proudly leading the pack in Less Than Aesthetic. 
(More portaits after the jump ...)

No Photoshop, his tongue is really that long

Even though classic silhouette portraiture captures the physical profile, retaining the subject's character should render them instantly recognisable … so the tongue stayed. I continued to celebrate these loyal companions by creating more portraits of canines brimming with character and ... uh ... personality!

They all remind me of the resulting photographs taken when you're not ready
I'd like to collect enough interesting profiles to make a series. Lobby for the Looks-Lackers and contact me if you know a dog that should be immortalised in this series. If they are selected, you will receive a free sihouette illustration of your dog (please make sure the photos you submit are side profiles). If you don't have a dog in mind, I'd still like to know what you think of the series. Now, back to that couture card tutorial ...

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