Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Chocolate Lovers

Following up the completion of the Mad Men inspired digital series, all those dark earthy tones lead me into a different direction. My train of thought went as follows: red lipstick kiss, black & white, navy, charcoal, chocolate … CHOCOLATE!

So chocolate + lipstick kisses = The Chocolate Lovers Series
This series doesn't discriminate and is for dark, milk and white chocolate lovers alike ... even the lactose intolerant can enjoy. I personally prefer dark chocolate but my nearest and dearest love the milk and white chocolate. This theme features chocolate chips, cupcakes, swirls, doughnuts, and ice cream shakes accented with caramel, vanilla, strawberry and mint hues. I would say my favourite item in series is the chocolate block digital paper print. Who wouldn't want a full page chocolate block in their preferred flavour?

If you love chocolate, have a look at the Chocolate Lovers series. Digital paper and icon set on sale now at the Neon Fizz store. 1" tiles, 1" circles, a digital paper and icon set, and invitation/photo frame inserts still to come.

CAUTION: this set may lead to weight gain. After purchase you'll definitely have chocolate on the brain. Enjoy!

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